A Moscow resident was using his Nikon P900 to take pictures of the Moon when he saw a pretty strange phenomenon that he had never seen before.

He saw a great many spheres travelling in parallel and at the same pace. He evidently started filming everything immediately away with his camera.

The recorded content spread like wildfire not only in Russia but also everywhere else. Numerous theories were put out by users, but they were all in agreement that they could not be any kind of bird or satellite. They all agreed that what the guy had caught was completely unusual.

In an effort to explain this phenomenon, theories and conspiracies about extraterrestrial spacecraft, enigmatic animals, as well as cutting-edge drones emerged. Numerous individuals think they are intelligent celestial bodies approaching our earth.

Conversely, skeptics think that this is some strange phenomenon that we are not aware of. What do you think it could be? Watch the video down below, then let us know what you think.