A discovery reported seeing an anomalous giant creature in the mountains of Mexico near San Lui Potosi


In the Mexican state of San Lui Potosi’s Ciudad Valles, a new find was made. In the images below, you can see for yourself that something that like a big beast is moving through the forest with ease while towering over the trees.

Some people think it’s been Bigfoot all along, while others think it’s actually an enormous alien.

El Sol de San Luis, the leading daily in San Luis Potosi, was the first to disclose it. According to them, a witness by the name of Mrs. Antonia made the discovery close to Ciudad Valles.

At around 5:30 PM, she supposedly realized that a large object was moving close to her.

The moment she heard a sonic boom resound through the forest, she pleaded with her family to flee as soon as they could since whatever it was wasn’t in the least bit friendly.


She then noticed the thing. She described it as a gigantic, tall guy and started drawing comparisons to fabled monsters like the Bigfoot in an effort to better understand it.

Although the local elders are normally aware of what occurs in and around their communities, they have been remarkably silent in this case. Many people think that they have been secretly worshiping the monster all along and that they will keep their worship a secret in order to appease the creature.

Some people go so far as to say that it’s an alien or that Bigfoot is actually an alien.

To be very honest, I personally need more proof to believe this story because a few hazy pictures do not constitute reliable evidence.



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