A prehistoric caveman was discovered in the Himalayas


Two climbers from Norway and Swedish were traveling through the region of the Himalayas Mountains, climbing its peak when they suddenly entered one of the hidden caves on the side of the mountain after a stream of avalanches began to pour all over the site.

Continuing further, deeper into the cave, the two travelers eventually came into something seemed to be the ʀᴇмᴀιɴs of a frozen caveman, dating back to the Old Stone Age, who lived between 2.33 and 1.44 million years ago.

As far as our knowledge can stretch, the man was a notable figure in the Gelasian Pleistocene period, having been part of the numerous Homo habilis that occupied the globe during the period. A couple of forged spears and what seemed to be numerous blemished leather items were also found next to the body

A number of people were taken aback by the finding, as the ʀᴇмᴀιɴs was kept in such mint condition even until it was discovered. The fact that the body has got enough humidity and coldness inside the cave to be kept in a cryostasis is the cause for the body not being damaged so much, knowing that it has been from the prehistoric times.

Of course, unlike what is often depicted in similar-themed movies, the body won’t be coming back anytime soon. Still, this exploration certainly grant us the knowledge to unravel the truth behind the frozen humanoids inhabiting Earth millions of years ago.

The body won’t be coming back anytime soon as the movies often portray such cases but instead, this discovery did allow us to uncover the truth behind the frozen humanoids that lived on our planet millions of years ago.


Startling Discovery Of Frozen Caveman In Himalayan Mountain

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