A strangely moving creature on Venus was discovered by Russian scientists by accident


Russian scientists looked at a series photographs taken from Venus’ surface and found evidence of life. Scientists identified what appeared like moving objects with a consistent structure using panoramic photographs of Venus’s surface that were taken by Soviet probes Venera-9 to Venera-10, Venera-13, Venera-13, Venera-1, and Venera-1 between 1975-82.

These things had similar shapes to terrestrial species such as scorpions or lizards. Finding life on other worlds would revolutionize human understanding. It would be similar in nature to the revolution that took effect when humans first explored space. Russian scientists believe that the conditions for creating life on other planets might be different than those found on Earth.

It was around a couple of days back researchers confirmed the presence of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. After making the milestone discovery, scientists revealed that the presence of phosphine could be an indication of alien life thriving in Venusian clouds. However, several space scientists believe that the Soviet Union had actually discovered extraterrestrial existence on Mars around 40 years ago.

Alien creature that moved across the surface of Venus

It was in 1981 that the Soviet Union launched the Venera 13 probe to explore the Venusian surface. The mission was launched at a time when the space race between USSR and the United States was at its peak, and as a result, all operations regarding the Venera 13 probe were maintained confidentially.

After 40 years, a Russian scientist named Leonid Ksanfomaliti published a paper in the journal Solar System research, and it claimed that evidence of alien life on Venus was discovered several years back by the USSR. According to Ksanfomaliti, a moving creature, possibly of alien origin was discovered by the USSR during their unmanned Venus mission.

Details of the finding made by the USSR were later detailed in the Quest TV documentary ‘NASA’s Unexplained Files’. In the series, the narrator explains how researchers spotted the mysterious creature that crawled across the hostile Venusian surface.

“A Soviet space probe reaches the hottest planet in the Solar System. A lander packed with a payload of cameras and scientific instruments plunges more than 48km through clouds of sulphuric acid to reach the surface. The probe sends back images that seem to show something moving on the surface. It takes three decades before a Russian scientist, Leonid Ksanfomaliti, reveals astonishing images from the archives,” said the narrator of the documentary.

Leonid Ksanfomalit confirms alien presence on Venus

In his study report, Leonid Ksanfomalit claimed that the creature had all the morphological features that hint at the fact that it is an alien living being. He also made it clear that the mysterious creature spotted by the Venera 13 probe had a scorpion-shaped body, a disc, and a black flap that moved when the camera recorded the scene.

However, experts at NASA had dismissed these claims, and they assured that the mysterious object spotted on Venus by the Venera 13 probe is not an extraterrestrial being. According to experts, the object could be most probably the lens cap from the Venera camera.


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