A Unique Strange Phenomenon or Another Anomaly?


A lot of bizarre strange events have been happening in the US for a long time. Why should this cloud anomaly be anything out of the ordinary? It’s a really strange phenomenon in the clouds and it’s definitely straight out of some science fiction. This short clip was uploaded to Instagram by Theourdopespace and is so weird it looks like a black hole.

This is a truly unique looking phenomenon that confuses users from time to time.

It’s really just a video of a black hole rendered on top of a normal video. How can I explain? For that matter, it looks plausible, and I’m sure if it was a prank, we would be able to tell? There are so many strange things going on in the world.

One person who wrote about this unusual event in the comments section mentioned that there could be a whirlwind here. And that there is probably some explanation for this? I only mention it, it does not mean that I believe in it! Also talked about how this event is a bit like Fast Walker?

What is Fast Walker?
According to promotional material for a 2006 documentary called “Fastwalkers”. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado) uses Fastwalker as its codename. For “unidentified flying objects crossing the Earth’s orbit and landing on its surface.” NORAD is said to track about 500 Fastwalkers annually (every day except Christmas Eve).

Mysterious universeThe time will come when we will all know that we are not alone in the universe. And when the time comes for everyone’s brains to explode, some people will take it easy. Some will call it fake news, and most will just accept it. 50 years ago, just mentioning the acronym UFO was enough to get you locked up, and it’s not a lie. In 1975 (or thereabouts), people were considered mentally ill.

There must be a reasonable explanation for what’s going on here, right?

Computer graphics, if this is a computer video, then Ufology is confused both figuratively and literally. If we’re so easily divided, then it’s not so much the end as it’s game over, because it feels real to me. It looks real not only to me, but there are many people who have said it is real.

Well, here are my thoughts on this strange and bizarre cloud anomaly. What are your thoughts and opinions on what it could be?

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