Alien skull found in the Rhodope Mountains – This could also be another cover-up clue


A Plodviv resident, aged 38, found a skull near a narrow, oval-shaped metallic disk.

According to the person, five strange humanoids dressed in yellow metallic costumes guided him through his nightmares.

The man was shown a location in Rhodope Mountains by these beings. Ufologists and conspiracy theorists were fascinated by the skull, which was considered to be incontrovertible evidence of the existence of alien life on Earth.

The skull was examined by Professor Dimiter Kovachev and Katya Malamet, archaeologists at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Both men stated that they had never seen anything quite like it. Although the skull is the same as that of a human child, the bone density is lower, lighter, and less than 250 grams thick.

Six cavities are found within the structure that belong to the alien’s sensory system, according to experts.

When he was alive, he had six eyes and other unidentified organs. Skeptics believe that the skull belonged to an undiscovered species of animal because it is not compatible with any terrestrial being. It is even more amazing that the skull disappears before scientists can do extensive research on it. Everybody who has it knows that he doesn’t want to share them with the rest. Are these the bones of an undiscovered ancient species or the skull an extraterrestrial beings?

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