American scientist thinks that aliens have entered the earth


Frederick Portigal is a world-famous scientist. In 2021, he disclosed that giant alien ships are entering Planet Earth via a portal.

Portigal was a former engineer of Boeing Company and the United States Air Force. He also worked for organizations like the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and Northrop Grumman.

Portigal has an extensive experience with the Hyperspectral remote sensing method. Furthermore, he made a mathematical paradigm to simulate space observations to be performed using Landsat 7 data.

1 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

Portigal photographed an unidentified flying object or UFO with a diameter of 250 meters. It was flying at a speed of 48,000 kilometers per hour.

The former Boeing engineer captured the UFO images and information using a hyperspectral imaging telescope. This technique scientists are researching is also known as imaging spectroscopy.

Using the hyperspectral imaging telescope, researchers aim to detect and identify man-made materials and landscapes, terrestrial plants, and minerals.

According to Portigal, the United States Department of Defense made the special hyperspectral telescope. They called this piece of equipment binoculars for alien hunting.

Moreover, this technology is based on Portigal’s personal telescope. It was refined with US$750,000 from the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Portigal shared that he photographed very massive objects that were moving at a fast pace. The United States National Air and Space Intelligence Agency, or NASIC, confirmed the data as genuine.
3 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

Portigal remarked that the images and data he gathered proved that gigantic motherships are infiltrating the Earth. His belief involves smaller ships on board that leave the motherships and remain on the planet.

Meanwhile, the giant motherships depart and come back with new cargo. Portigal claimed that this unusual occurrence had happened since at least 2008, when his group initially recorded the objects’ appearance.

4 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

The former Boeing chief engineer said that the aliens are utilizing the wormhole penetration technology to move the plasma-like UFOs close to the Earth’s surface at a pace of 48,000 kilometers per hour.

Portigal’s telescopic footage captured the stunning plasma-like objects’ appearances flying at unimaginable speeds in the Petroglyph National Monument’s vicinity near Albuquerque, New Mexico. His telescope was placed on Sandia Heights with a view field of roughly 15 miles.

5 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth
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