First time in history: Captured Creepy Creatures From The Bottom


Son Dunga is the world’s biggest cave. On the border between Laos and Vietnam.In 2013, tourists can go to the cave. Since then, many people who have been there say they have seen the scary creatures, which look like demons from mythology but are humanoid with reptile skin. There is also a missing person case that hasn’t been opened yet.Before 2013, a number of researchers broke the law and went into the cave. Many of them said they saw the same kind of monsters.

Ho Kang says that the man who found the cave in 1992. He had seen these things with his own eyes. Kahn said they were “evil creatures” with the body of a person and the skin of a “people dragon” or reptile.

Cannes takes a picture of one of these creatures in the cave without asking seal.At first glance, it’s hard to see anything else in the picture.But when we look closer, it’s clear that the creature’s face is very scary.

Face of the underworld in front of us after digital image processing:Can see his scaly skin and mean-looking face!In Chinese mythology, these are stories about “burrowers” that have been around for thousands of years.

Even the national folklore has a story about the “bottom land.”Have you heard of the idea that the Earth is hollow and that a very advanced civilization once lived inside it?People think that the caves in Son Dunga are the entrances to “bottom land,” and this is probably the only picture of the people who live there.

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