Is it a true myth? X-ray and DNA tests have confirmed that it is not a wild species


Scholars have undertaken several trials on this odd, goblin-like monster, and the Metepec Hybrid has also resulted in intriguing study. This perplexing organism’s DNA sequence is made up of five molecular creatures from different parts of the globe. laboratory The data demonstrate that both its mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA are distinct from any other species currently known. Neither of these are correct.

Occasionally, it appears that the actual world is even stranger than the fiction.

Richard Shaw encountered Mr. Jaime Maussan, one of the most well-known Hispanic American UFO researchers, while traveling in Mexico with LAMarzulli.

Mr. Mausan showed to the two of them an incredible creature, curiously resembling a fairy from mythology, as soon as they met.

Shaw and Marzulli stated they had been waiting years to share their discoveries with the rest of the world.

Thousands of people are hoping that in the upcoming episode of Watchers10, they will finally be able to present the interesting study findings of this “actual monster,” and that this will impact history forever.

Simply said, to believe that this monster exists, you must see it with your own eyes.

Even though many villages believe this is just another Internet fraud, X-ray scans and DNA tests are confirming our suspicions. The terrible truth about this strange monster mystery is that it is based on a folk tale.

Ricardo Rangel, Ph.D., is a scientist who studied the DNA of this enigmatic species and the Metepec hybrid. He said that the DNA sequence of this species was studied by five molecular biology laboratories in different parts of the world, and that they all came up with the same result. Surprisingly, and widely available data show that its DNA is 98.5 percent comparable to that of humans.

Ricardo Rangel went on to say:

“The legs and feet of Metepec animals are their most distinguishing features. This enigmatic species, on the other hand, has a unique feature: wings. We can plainly observe its skeletal structure when we receive its X-ray picture.”

“This isn’t a joke by any means.” It wasn’t created using a template. For investigation, we obtained tissue samples from this creature and submitted them to a DNA molecular laboratory. They attempted to sequence its DNA but were unsuccessful. It can be coupled with mammals or other species.”

The study’s findings demonstrate that neither its mitochondrial DNA nor its nuclear DNA are compatible with any other species currently known on the planet.

Mr. Jaime Mausan believes that the Metepec monster is most likely a “hybrid,” and that another species, one that resembles the elves we are familiar with, is also a hybrid of two other creatures.

Jaime Mausan said: “This is inevitable, because I think these organisms are laboratory products, but what kind of experiment is it? Why do you want to carry out this kind of experiment? I don’t know. However, we have real objects in our hands. , We can analyze and prove that there is some kind of secret behind this experiment??”

LAMarzulli said:

“Will these creatures come from Revelation What about the bottomless pit mentioned in Chapter 9; locusts come out of the smoke and fly to the ground; power is given to them, just like the power of a scorpion on the ground, and they are told not to harm the grass and all green things on the ground , And all trees, only to hurt people who don’t have the mark of God on their foreheads.But the locusts were not allowed to kill them, only to suffer them for five months

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