Japan’s Death Stone explodes, causing widespread panic


A legendary volcanic rock in Japan associated with an ancient evil vixen-demon, has split in two. While geologists assure the occurrence is natural, others are convinced the chaotic fox spirit has been released to cause havoc. According to Japanese social media, an ancient dark force associated with an evil nine-tailed fox has been released through the splitting of the Sessho-seki or Killing Stone. Legends say the famous Killing Stone is so powerful that it kills anyone who comes into contact with it. Now, after almost 1000 years, the geological terror has been found split in two.

Japan’s famous Killing Stone looked like this until it split in two a few days ago. (Wiki Taro / Public domain )

Japan’s Killing Stone Was Home To An Imprisoned Spirit!

Japan’s famous Killing Stone is located in Nasu in the Tochigi mountains near Tokyo, Japan . Famous for its sulphur hot springs, the Killing Stone has long been a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The stone is believed to hold the spirit of Tamamo-no-Mae, a once beautiful woman who transformed into a legendary nine-tailed fox spirit .

Edo period folklore tells legends about an evil fox spirit corrupting rulers and instigating chaos across their lands. Later, Japanese legends and historical accounts maintained that the Sessho-Seki emits a poisonous gas , and that those who touch it will die. Now, the controversial stone has split into two, causing superstitious people in Japan to believe the evil vixen has been unleashed to spread chaos once more, after 900 years.

In Japanese mythology the evil nine-tailed fox demoness has long been believed to be trapped inside Japan’s Killing Stone but not anymore! (TVTropes)

I’ve Seen Something I Shouldn’t Have Seen

In Japanese mythology the evil nine-tailed fox demoness took the form of an attractive woman called Tamamo-no-Mae. The possessed woman was part of a secret plot to murder Emperor Toba , who ruled Japan from 1107 to 1123 AD. Until the recent splitting of the volcanic rock, it was believed that the spirit of the evil nine-tailed creature was trapped inside the Killing Stone. Now, according to The Guardian , “ the hunk of lava has split into two roughly equal parts.”

Now, tourist officials in Japan are debating what happened to, and what should be done with the rock. Meanwhile, as you can imagine, the Twittersphere is crackling with all this talk of released demons. User @Lily0727K tweeted, “I came alone to Sesshoseki, where the legend of the nine-tailed fox remains. If [the rock] is a manga, it’s a pattern that the seal is broken and it’s possessed by the nine-tailed fox, and I feel like I’ve seen something that shouldn’t be seen.”

This famous stone in Japan is known as the “Dragon slayer” and it too is a well-known superstitious rock, like the Killing Stone that suddenly broken in half recently. ( National Stadium Tours )

Can The Evil Killing Stone Be Saved?

According to the Nasu Town Tourist Information Centre, on the afternoon of the 5th of March tourists posted a photo of the cracked Killing Stone online. However, you should know that local media reported cracks in the stone several years ago. Geologists in Japan suspect that rainwater has penetrated the rock over time and that recent freezing temperatures have caused the water to expand and split the rock. Officials said that while the stone has recently been found split in two, it “may have been cracked for some time.”

Masaharu Sugawara (83), is the chairman of the Nasu Kogen Yumoto Guide Club , a volunteer organization providing tourist information in the surrounding area. Sugawara told Snopes that the stone splitting “is natural, so it can’t be helped, but it’s a shame because it’s a symbol of the local area.”

A tourism official has stated that he wants to see the government restore the Killing Stone back to its original form and to secure tourism in the area, where people are now avoiding the area for fear of encountering the evil nine-tailed fox demoness, Tamamo-no-Mae.

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