Latest UFO Sightings: Three Saucers Filmed Over an Alleged Tall Alien Base


Scott Waring received a shocking video from an eyewitness recently on a flight. The video was shared with people who follow this well-known Taiwanese UFO researcher. And, among the several UFO sighting claims from the last few years, this may be the most substantiated account.

After taking off en route to Las Vegas, the witness saw three light objects between the mountains. These lights were allegedly just fifteen to twenty miles away west of the city. Unfortunately, the device could not record the brightness of these objects. Still, they allegedly shone like enormous welding torches that could be seen from tens of kilometers away, even on a sunny day.

1 Latest UFO Sightings Three Saucers Filmed Over an Alleged Tall Alien Base
Scott Waring was certain that there was a reason why these UFOs were sighted in the area. The area identified as the Tall White Alien base happens to be in this area. Aliens from this specie are usually over 2-3 meters tall and can live close to 800 years before choosing to end their lives based on their cultural traditions. The alleged alien base is located near Area 51 and is surrounded by barbed wire. It is also within Nellis AFB’s protected area, effectively hiding it from the public.

According to Scott, he has never seen anything quite like the video given to him. And there’s a chance he would never see anything like it again.

Quickly after the video surfaced, Charles Hall had something to say. The nuclear physicist, novelist, and former military weather expert is certain that the government has communicated with alien races for a long time.

The Vietnam war veteran spoke from his Albuquerque home and mentioned that in 1964 while working as a military weather observer at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, he saw several exchanges between the military and a group of very tall and white humanoids. He described them as human-like terrestrials.

3 Latest UFO Sightings Three Saucers Filmed Over an Alleged Tall Alien Base

He claims that they can move faster than light, and their technology disproves Einstein’s theory of relativity. He also said that US officials had kept things hidden from the public as we are not emotionally prepared to accept the existence of aliens yet.

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