Michigan woman’s strange encounter with “reptile” aliens


It is true now that UFOs are real, as the Pentagon publicly confirmed it. Moreover, space agencies around the world are looking for aliens and they are serious about it. NASA joined hands in the UFO investigation, which is the big move in the history of UFOlogy. There are accounts where people in authority have claimed that reality is somewhat different from what we see. There are hidden dimensions that could be a gateway for the aliens’ access to our world. The story of Nancy Tremaine has solid witnesses, historic records, and data point to support her claims of lifetime alien interactions.

Nancy Tremaine was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1949. She is the middle of five children and grew up in Novi, Michigan. She is a lifelong experiencer, messenger, and participant in the hybrid project. “Symbiosis” is the true story of Nancy’s lifetime relationship with a Reptilian being, which she dubbed “Mr.” or “Mister with period.”

In 1961, Tremaine and her female friend Cindy, also 12, were stunned when a flying saucer suddenly appeared over their residential neighborhood. The object was “bigger than a house” and hovered close.

Cindy’s father also witnessed the UFO, as well as many others in the neighborhood, including at least three police officers. “Hovering above a tree between our two homes was a silver ship at least the size of our three bedroom ranch home but twice as tall and it had a band of rotating lights of red green and white which were either flashing or rotating they were going so quickly we couldn’t tell no fear just awe it was it was absolutely breathtaking against the blue sky,” Tremaine said.

Michigan Woman’s Bizarre Encounter With Reptilian Alien Dubbed ‘Mr.’, MUFON Director Investigated

At one point, the UFO sent down a light beam that zapped an unmarked police car and stopped it cold. Tremaine, who had no clue what was going on, started jumping and yelling at the ship. She remembered that the ship was alive and then snapped, she and Cindy were abducted and taken into the object. The officers radioed the sighting back to their Chief of Police, Lee BeGole, who in his 90s remembered the harrowing reports coming in from his men. He passed away recently.

Tremaine recalled that the aliens performed a number of highly intrusive physical examinations upon her. Cindy was merely locked up in a “tube” positioned above from where she observed the aliens working over her friend. It seemed that the aliens had a particular interest in Tremaine, but not so much on Cindy.

Both girls were released after some time. A period of missing time then occurred. The next thing Tremaine knew, she was back in her home where her obviously troubled father was doing his best to reassure her that she was safe. He told his shaken daughter that what had just happened was to never be spoken of again — not even a secret whisper to a friend.

Nancy Tremaine and Cindy had been traumatized for 50 years. They tried talking about that evening, but the fear always stopped them. Tremaine visited several therapists to let come out everything she was feeling inside. Even after a new diagnosis and a new medication, she suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder panic attacks, severe anxiety and depression for half a century. And so Cindy.

It was not until 2011 that Tremaine finally got a chance to tell her story. She contacted former Michigan State MUFON director Harry Willnus, a researcher for more than 60 years. She had no memory of the incident, so Dr. Willnus called a regression therapist and she underwent the hypnotic regression. The sessions revealed a lifetime of fantastically freakish events retrieved from her memory. What she had to say under hypnosis was extraordinary and weird.

Michigan Woman’s Bizarre Encounter With Reptilian Alien Dubbed ‘Mr.’, MUFON Director Investigated

Former Novi Police Chief Lee BeGole, who spoke to the Novi News last year at age 93, didn’t see the UFO, but he was on duty at the police station the night the incident occurred. BeGole said an off-duty officer told dispatch he saw a strange object overhead, and police dispatch took multiple calls from people who said they also saw a strange object in the sky. If you ask your 10 best friends if they ever had a UFO experience, Willnus said, 10 percent would say, “yes.” “But, people get laughed at once they say that,” Willnus noted. “And then they say, ‘I’m not going to share that again.’”

The most sensational claim by Nancy Tremaine was that she met a reptilian alien back in 1961. Furthermore, she has since developed a deeply loving relationship with a particular reptilian whom she has dubbed “Mr.” He is her friend, teacher, and sometimes lover.

Tremaine said that at the age of 30, she was impregnated by Mr. and from him, she had a son named Drax. Drax is actually a three-way hybrid resulting from a combination of Nancy, her boyfriend (some guy she dated), and the reptilian Mr.

Not only did Nancy Tremaine give birth to a human-reptilian hybrid alien child, but she did it at the age of 62. In her book, she has a picture of her swollen, pregnant belly. She says that the birth of this baby was not natural — it was simply taken from her one night by the aliens. One day, her stomach was showing, the next day it was flat.

There are more such stories, Tremaine told in her book. She also has pictures of an odd set of round footprints in the snow that lead up to her house and appear to enter right into her doorway. Tremaine said these are tracks left by Drax when he came to visit her one night.

The lore of reptilian interference with humans has historical references. In many cultures, there are mentions of serpentines who were gods. The snake who tempted Adam and Eve, for example, is a metaphor for the interference of reptilians in the affairs of humankind.

Reptilian entities have even been glimpsed or perceived by remote viewers including perhaps the greatest of all the U.S. Military remote viewers, Joseph McMoneagle. Possibly, currently, the foremost expert on reptilians today is John Rhode. He prefers the term “reptoids,” which he says is a more accurate description of who and what these beings truly are. His most fundamental claim is that reptoids are not aliens or interdimensional beings but species native to our own planet earth.

Nancy Tremaine’s story may be bizarre and seem unbelievably fantastic, but she is hardly alone concerning the deep relationship she believes she has developed with a reptilian entity. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that exists across cultures in all parts of the globe and has been manifesting in human experience since the beginning of time.

Her story is supported by the highly respected former Novi, Michigan, Chief of Police Lee BeGole who has a street named after him. Her friend Cindy is on record with both seeing the UFO in 1961 and being aboard the craft where she was ensconced in a tube. Other witnesses have come forward as well.

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