NASA has discovered alien creatures on Mars.


Many believe that NASA’s Curiosity Rover made yet another hidden discovery not long ago, and that it is just another piece of the jigsaw needed to solve Mars’ enigma.

The image below was taken from NASA’s official website and has not been altered in any way.

From a distance, it appears like a strange extraterrestrial species is present on this rock, albeit it may be tough to notice at first.

Many people believe it is just another rock stacked on top of the original, but many experts disagree.

As you can see, the creature resembles a crab from our planet, but closer examination reveals that it, like crabs on Earth, has tentacles instead of claws.

Some have even claimed that the rock itself protrudes, implying that it isn’t a rock formation at all. Is this the alien’s manner of enticing a potential victim to the small crab-like creature, only to reveal itself later as a larger specimen?

Despite the fact that many individuals have misgivings, many people believe this.

Do you think this is proof of extraterrestrial life, or do you think it’s all a misinterpretation?

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