Pilots Roll B-1 Bomber At Edwards AFB Airshow


The 2022 Edwards AFB airshow was spectacular with quite a lineup. The show featured almost every aircraft in the US Air Force inventory along with aircraft from NASA, the Thunderbirds , and other well-known performers. There were many highlights. Ones that we’ll be sharing with you in the next few days in a series of recaps. One particularly stood out. A B-1B Bone went inverted and followed through with a roll after an airshow flyby as part of their routine. Our friends at AirShowStuff caught the moment.

Pilots Roll B-1 Bomber At Edwards AFB Airshow

Now a B-1 roll isn’t unprecedented. It’s been done before, particularly at previous Edwards AFB air shows. However, it’s still a unique sight to see. One that definitely wow’d the crowds who saw it live.

Not The First Time The B-1 Has Gone Inverted

The B-1 bomber is highly maneuverable with the ability to conduct both low-level operations and high-altitude bombing campaigns. All crew members sit on an ejection seat too. Unfortunately, sights like these will become more rare over the next decade.

The B-1B Lancer may be slated for retirement, but it's still got a lot of  fight left in it | SOFREP

The B-1’s days are limited. As the B-21 Raider comes online later this decade, the jet will be phased out leaving the B-21, B-2, and B-52 BUFF as America’s primary bomber force.

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