Scientists believe that there is a great pyramid under Alaska


If you did not know, there are some unexplained archeological beneath Alaska, present science cannot explain these things also we have very little information about these things.

Linda Moulton Howe, has been studying deeply these anomalies in Alaska, for a long time of studying she believe she discovered a Black Pyramid.

Following this idea of Black Pyramid, Chine came with a test device, under the deserts of northwest, giving scientists a reason to scan the Earth crust to determine what cause earthquakes.
The conclusion came how this pyramid-shaped would looked structure beneath Alaska surface.

This Black Pyramid believed to be the epicenter of all of these abnormalities.

According to the science, this Black Pyramid beneath Alaska believe to be more gigantic than Great Pyramid of Giza, making us to believe it is the larges one in the world at the moment.

This information make some group to believe it might be Extraterrestrial Technology or It was built in the past from a high advanced lost civilization.
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