Special Techniques Massive US CH-47 Uses to Extract Special Forces at Sea


55 passengers? 14,000 lbs, I’m not sure those are correct numbers lol.

Maybe the fox models are different, but the manual states 33 passengers, in emergency situations

I know they take 126 passengers, men and women, with children in their laps (pakistan flood relief 2010). As far as sling load 24k tandem hooks

This helicopter is amazing. Accelerating at 2000 MPH…

CH-47 Chinook

They should scrap the F22’s and Euro fighters. Loser fighter jet planes. LOL

How can you tell that helicopter was designed by Boeing… it was designed by Vertol. Your words are really pitiful, you are only repeating information without verifying its authenticity.

Where the deuce did you get the figure of 2000 miles per hour? That’s more than 2 and a half times the speed of sound. Most obvious,; you don’t know your material.

Boeing CH-47 Factory Isn't Out Of The Woods - Breaking Defense

CH-47 Chinook

Why is it that no helo video I’ve seen never mentions static charge build-up by the rotors? It can knock you on your ass when attaching the lift sling!

Two Thousand Miles per hour? Isn’t that almost Mach 3 ?!?! That’s a pretty fast chopper…

Lift anything up to the max gross weight of the aircraft.” that’s pretty dang impressive.


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