Steven Macon Greer: How UFOs Work and Why Aliens Make Their Ships


The post goes into great detail about the various forms of UFOs, and also what Greer believes is the ultimate purpose of UFO visitation.

Some people believe that the ETs or extraterrestrial beings are visiting Earth to steal our resources and destruction of our planet. This is not true because they are just as worried as we are about Earth’s future. We need to work together to solve the problems that we have, which might be too difficult for any one race in the universe. to do on their own. The ETs are in the process of creating a new planet called Heaven so that Earth can be re-colonized when it becomes uninhabitable. There is one caveat, however, if Earth is not able to support life for a certain period of time then no one goes there because it will only hurt our chances of getting back home.

We have seen a number of UFO sightings recorded by humans in video and on camera. Throughout these sightings, there are four main shapes of UFOs. These shapes correspond with different types of propulsion systems used by the ETS, which is called an orthogonal propulsion system and it allows the ship to hover instead of fly through the air like most spaceships do on earth.

Steven Macon Greer wanted to know how UFOs work. So, this American retired medical doctor and ufologist created CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and the Disclosure Project to answer this question and many more. His team of experts is trying to uncover the hidden truths of the universe and the restricted information about UFOs.

He once claimed that anyone with the knowledge and answers to these things has a bullet with their names written. And he is not lying.

Before everything else, let’s discuss who he is.

Steven Macon Greer was born on June 28, 1955. Since then, he has made his way to the medical and ufology communities. His work is best known for offering an alternative perspective to the mainstream notion of extraterrestrial narratives.

Unlike most witnesses, he claims to have proven how aliens initiate contact and discuss it with convincing detail. And his discussion about how UFOs work is one of his magnum opuses.

He claims that the genius of the 20th century was Nikola Tesla, and his research was the closest we got to developing our UFO-like vehicles. Since then, he has partnered with the Science Application International Corporation as they develop anti-gravity technology. Once successful, we could use this technology to make our UFOs.
1 Steven Macon Greer How UFOs Work and Why ETs Make Their Ships

They also worked together to uncover the truths about ETs and why different alien races made practically similar space-traveling vehicles.

For now, they’re working on collaborating with different governments and asking them to disclose information they’re hiding from the public. He claims that we need to hurry and release this information. He is convinced that the implications of having this information will profoundly affect human life, and we would be safer with this information.

While most think ETs have ulterior motives, Steven thinks this is a misconception and is only set to discourage people from studying life on other planets. He says that any civilization capable of traveling the vast voids of space will be too advanced to even bother destroying other planets.

Once his team’s work bears fruit, the world will start its ascend to a higher plane of evolution. He believes humanity will travel to the stars, and his team is here to ensure it happens.

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