Supacat Presents eco All-Terrain Mobile Platform (eATMP)


The next generation ATMP is here, the electric eco All-Terrain Mobile Platform (eATMP), is the next step in technology revolution using individual batteries to power each wheel, making it a truly eco efficient off road vehicle.

The eATMP offers supreme cross-country performance and its predecessor the ATMP is a well-known workhorse used in a wide variety of roles worldwide. It can carry a substantial payload for a vehicle of its size which, combined with its ‘go anywhere’ ethos, has made it the vehicle of choice for many years.

Supacat eco All-Terrain Mobile Platform (eATMP)

The eATMP has the same chassis as the ATMP, therefore it can be transported within and below a range of air platforms providing instant mobility support for airborne and air-mobile forces on the ground. It also demonstrates Supacat’s innovation and ability to produce a straightforward and inexpensive solution to a unique customer requirement. Designed by SC-Innovation and Supacat part of the SC Group, in collaboration with the University of Exeter, part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Supacat eco All-Terrain Mobile Platform (eATMP)

The eATMP has permanent six wheel drive (6×6) with the front four wheels (two axles) steered conventionally by using a rotating handlebar arrangement. These handlebars also operate the steering brakes, which act independently on each side of the vehicle giving brake steering. The eATMP is amphibious and has a low ground pressure, enabling it to traverse rough terrain whilst carrying up to eight troops (and two crew), a standard NATO pallet or other stores (ammunition etc.).

Supacat eco All-Terrain Mobile Platform (eATMP)

The UK All Terrain Mobility Platform is commonly known by the name of its manufacturer Supacat. It is a lightweight, 6-wheeled vehicle used by airborne and air-mobile forces of the British Army since 1988. In addition, the ATMP in British Army service could be fitted with a Milan Firing Post. The Parachute Regiment also conducted a successful proof of concept in 1989 by fitting a Javelin LML to the bed of the ATMP for drop zone air defence. A second ATMP acted as an ammunition limber.

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