The great “gate” of the Antarctic city is located underground


One of the satellites that captured images of Antarctica in 2016 discovered an amazing find on the ice continent that resembled a huge cave or tunnel opening.

The astounding dimensions of this “entry” are around 90 meters wide and 30 meters high. Is this a man-made or a naturally occurring formation? This is still up for debate among many scholars.

Currently, the Antarctic is a bleak, desert-like 14 million square kilometer ice desert. The wind may reach speeds of up to 300 km/h at the coldest time, when the air temperature varies from -65 to -80 degrees Celsius. There are no permanent settlements on this continent, except from the transient research outposts of a few countries. However, have these conditions ever been present in Antarctica?

The Antarctic continent seems to be free of ice on both the Piri Reis and the Oronteus Finaeus maps, which also have longitudinal lines.

On the Piri Reis map, this continent is shown without an ice shell and with a rather accurate portrayal.

This is circumstantial evidence that Antarctica’s two massive islands were once connected by a thousand-year-old ice shell and that intelligent life once thrived there.

But if there was technology available at the time that made it possible to generate high-quality maps of the continents, were these highly developed civilizations of the past capable of creating such artificial objects as this huge gateway?

And this is not the only “entrance to the tunnel” by any means. A few miles distant, on the other side of the slope, there is another building that is nearly identical to the original one, and some academics are of the opinion that it was made.

Virtual archaeologists observed the entrance itself as well as a sizable “hatch” in the picture, which is a mechanism that opens and shuts this entrance in the form of a convex gray metal door with colossal rivets all the way around.

The initial discovery of these objects was discovered on Queen Mary Land in the eastern part of Antarctica by the American explorer Joseph Skipper, who has spent many years exploring various intriguing areas on our globe and natural phenomena from photos of scientific and research excursions.

Given that these structures seem to be mostly abandoned, we may thus come to the entirely tenable conclusion that a highly advanced civilization existed on the continent of Antarctica in the distant past.

These “entrances” to a particular “underground city” or “base” are likely the result of climate change and the beginning melting of the Antarctic ice shell.

However, is there still a user of these underground facilities?

Do you think that there are simply too many coincidences for this to be an optical illusion or a natural growth, despite some theories that state as much?

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