The Kolibri pistol is the smallest gun in the world. And Why did the 9mm Luger pistol round become so prominent?


The 2mm Kolibri, also known as the Kolibri 2.7mm Car Pistol or the 2.79mm Kolibri, is the tiniest pistol. Franz Pfannl, a human watchmaker, obtained the patent for it in 1910. Grabner was first used in Austria in 1914. It is made to be more user-friendly than a single-shot handgun, both of which are advertised as self-defense tools.The word “hummingbird,” one of the tiniest birds in the world, comes from the German word “kolibri.”

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2MM Kolibri


The bullet’s overall length, measured from the tail of the shell to the tip, is 11 mm (0.43 in), it weighs 5.3 grams (82 grains), and its widest point is 3 mm (0.12 in). To stop the bullet from sliding in the barrel, the cartridge is determined based on the length of the shell. The 0.2g (3 grains) bullet’s typical velocity is thought to be 200 meters per second (660 ft/s), giving the shot a kinetic energy of roughly 4.0J. (3 ft-lbs). To put that into perspective, the average punch weighs between 10-15 joules, hence the energy of the bullet shot is lower than that of a punch.

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There is not much usage of this ammo. The 2mm bullet was quite weak, as evidenced by literature from the time that stated it could only penetrate a piece of wood, and the small size of the 2mm caliber made it challenging to handle and load individual rounds. Pine has a thickness of 10 to 40 millimeters (0.39 to 1.57 in). Because the technology at the time was not able to conduct the cambering procedure to the barrel of such a small caliber, the bullet did not twist in the barrel before being fired, resulting in poor accuracy for this sort of ammunition.

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Ammo size

The 2mm Kolibri was marketed as a handbag-sized self-defense weapon for women due to the gun’s shortcomings and imprecision. Although shooting a smuggler in the chest or limbs is probably futile, shooting him in the face could cause some injury. When World War I came to a conclusion in 1914, the gun was abandoned.

The 3mm and 4mm cartridges, which were also phased out in 1938, later took the place of the 2mm cartridge.

With about 1000 pieces ever created, this gun has become collectible, similar to the related weapons series.

This pistol is amazing because it uses the tiniest amount of ammunition ever created.

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