The Legendary Ancient Thunderbird Is Real And It Can Exist In The Present


Every year, between 15000 and 18000 new animal species are found and classified using cutting-edge DNA testing worldwide. As one might expect, extinct and even undiscovered creatures are still discovered. So, what happens when myths come true?

Native Americans in North America carved totems and old myths about strange creatures such as Thunderbirds. The fabled creatures are shown as enormous birds capable of producing thunderstorms. They were servants of the Great Spirits of the World, and they lived on isolated mountain peaks. These beasts were both feared and admired at the same time.

Pterandonon, a Pterosaur genus encompassing some of the world’s most giant flying reptiles, has been assigned to these species. Fossilized remains have been discovered throughout North America.

Even though these animals perished millions of years ago, there is evidence that the North American region people reported many encounters with giant birds with lizard-like characteristics over 200 years ago.

Photographs from the American Civil War in 1864 show a large bird standing beneath the boots of six American soldiers.

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