There is A Leaked Video Showing Military Personnel Transporting The Roswell Alien


Roswell, New Mexico – If there’s one spot on Earth that proves that we aren’t alone in the Universe it is Roswell.

This is due to numerous UFO sightings in this area in July 1947. Many people believe that the item, or something similar, fell near the United States Air Force Base commonly known as Area 51.

Undisputed is the fact that many witnesses discovered mysterious debris and evidence of a spaceship.

All these theories suggested that Roswell had been visited from other planets. However, soldiers reported that the debris came from a weather balloon. But, it did not end the conjecture.

Many people believed that the government was concealing everything that had happened in July 1947. A new viral video shows that those who believed the military was involved with a cover-up at Roswell might have been right.

This footage shows military personnel carrying something on a cart. Take the time to view the video and let me know your thoughts.


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