This man invented a miracle device: It has the ability to see multidimensional creatures


Daniel Nemes is an inventor and scientist who has always had an interest in science and astronomy. Daniel always claimed that he can capture or record multi-dimensional creatures thanks to technology.

After reading an article about Dark Matter, Daniel became more interested in multidimensional subjects. Later, his fascination led to him developing a gadget that could capture multidimensional objects using mathematical procedures. Daniel Nemes was well aware of the technologies of black light and ultraviolet. However, he wanted more.

He built a superior camera capable of photographing and capturing things that no one else had been able to capture.

This technique was called “Energivision”, after him. NASA is one of the largest corporations in the world and will do anything to get this technology. Despite Daniel’s best efforts to inform the scientific community about its existence, he does not intend to make it public.

Daniel claims that Daniel has been repeatedly silenced by the media, in addition to the photos and evidence he was able capture with that technology. For a very informative introduction, watch the video below. The video concludes with the story of Daniel Nemes.

What do you see around you? You are in your living room, office, kitchen, car or outside somewhere. What do you see? Is that all you see? Look closely, is all that you think you see all that is truly there? What if there’s more, much more? What if there is unbelievable activity of past, present and future taking place all around you? What if somehow you could see some of the invisible activity around you in various forms; silhouettes, shadows, lights, orbs, or actual images, would you like to?

Quantum physics tell us that the human body is 99.9999% empty space or energy and that there is less that 1% of us that’s really matter or appears as solid. This is also true for the planet and everything on it and also the universe.

In all this open space there are unseen worlds closely layered one on top of the other. These worlds are called “planes” or “dimensions.” They are all existing simultaneously in the same space, side by side and what would appear as on top of each other. In these worlds are other humans, those we think of as dead, animals, creatures, angelic orbs, angels, aliens, demons, gods, nature and material things.

Each of these worlds vibrate at a specific frequency, thus, making it difficult to see, hear, smell, taste or touch the many worlds existing all around us, if we’re not on that frequency. (It kinda like a dog, whose hearing is designed to hear at a pitch or frequency outside what is normal for humans.)

The frequency barriers tightly lock up and set apart each world, universe, multi-verse or plane of reality with its own signature frequency. To further explain, for example, if Earth’s frequency and the inhabitants of it is vibrating at 7.5 Mhz, we probably wont be able to see a world occupying our same space that may be vibrating at 10.2 Mhz, even though it is right in front of it.

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