This’s the reason why Nikola Tesla is obsessed with the ancient Egyptian pyramids


Nikola Tesla has made a significant contribution to widespread electric use than any other person in recent history.

The accomplishments of scientists range from the creation of alternating current to conducting tests that aim at wirelessly transporting electricity through the atmosphere. Nikola Tesla was one of the most important inventors of all times, but he was also full of mysteries and riddles that we couldn’t have imagined. While Tesla did many strange experiments, he was also a mystery.

Nikola Tesla is proof that “the finest minds are always curious”, as the old saying goes. Tesla was also interested in other scientific areas, many of which were obscure. His obsession with the Egyptian pyramids, one among humanity’s most spectacular and mysterious structures, was one of his most peculiar traits. Tesla believed they had a greater purpose, and he pursued them all his life.

What attracted Tesla to the pyramids and why? He began to wonder if the pyramids weren’t energy transmitters. This idea was consistent with his studies on wireless power transmission. Nikola Tesla, a 1905 American patent holder, filed “The technique of transmitting electrical energy through the nature medium” in the United States.

The patent included plans to establish a network of generators worldwide that could reach the ionosphere to collect energy. He saw the entire Earth and its two poles as an immense generator of electrical energy. Tesla’s magnetic pyramid is named after his triangular design. Tesla believed that the strength and stability of the Egyptian pyramids were not solely due to their shapes, but also because of their positions. To make use of Earth’s energy fields, he constructed the Tesla Experimental Station in Colorado Springs.

On the East Coast, the Tesla Tower (or Wardenclyffe Tower) was built. These positions were selected in accordance to the rules governing the construction of Pyramids of Giza. They are related to the relationship between the planet’s elliptical orbit (or the equator) and the earth’s equator. This concept was created for wireless energy transmission. It is believed that Tesla’s mental process was affected by his use of numbers.

Multiple reports claim that Tesla was an eccentric individual who had compulsive behaviors. He believed that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 were the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. He would go around buildings three times before entering them, or stay in hotels that had room numbers divisible by three. Additional choices were made in groups of three.

Others attribute Tesla’s interest in these numbers primarily to his fascination for pyramidal shapes, as well as his belief that there is an underlying mathematical law and certain ratios that are part a “universal mathematics language.” We don’t understand how or why pyramids were constructed. However, some people believe they are energy-generating artifacts that can be used to transmit messages or codes from ancient societies.

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