What did Saab do to attract international attention with the MSHORAD live-fire test?


Saab has conducted the first Mobile Short-Range Air Defence (MSHORAD) live system firing for an audience of various national delegations. In a series of firings, the system identified, tracked and engaged several targets.

The firings took place during August 30 in Karlskoga, Sweden. Potential customers from 15 nations attended the live firing. A total of five successful firings were performed from the RBS 70 NG Mobile Firing Unit on the MARS-S330 vehicle against a variety of targets, including a drone and an elevated helicopter airframe. During one firing scenario the vehicle mounted sight was taken off and reconfigured as a man portable firing unit.

In an operational scenario, a vehicle with Giraffe 1X first manoeuvres to a secure position some distance behind the unit.

A night firing was also conducted against a towed target. MSHORAD is Saab’s response to the new battlefield era, with evolved airborne threats such as the advent of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced airborne weapons. MSHORAD is a vehicle-integrated solution that can identify, counter and neutralise air threats quickly, effectively and decisively. The system consists of the Mobile Radar Unit, based on the Giraffe 1X radar, the Mobile Firing Unit, based on the RBS 70 NG, all connected with Saab’s GBAD C2.

The command and control system (C2) creates a local air picture, evaluates the threat and provides automatic engagement support.

“These successful firings proves that we have a fully operable mobile air defence solution. These firings highlights the value of a single supplier being able to deliver everything from radar to the firing unit, including a GBAD C2 solution. The combination of our Giraffe 1X radar and the RBS 70 NG Mobile Firing Unit is the perfect match for a solution with first-class range, altitude coverage and detection,” says Stefan Öberg, head of Saab’s business unit Missile Systems.

Saab впервые продемонстрировала боевую работу системы противовоздушной  обороны MSHORAD | gagadget.com

RBS 70 NG’s missiles engage within five seconds. The product also features visual 3D cueing

Successful system integration and test firings have already been conducted in the last 12 months in cooperation with the Czech company SVOS using their new generation of modular armoured vehicle 4×4 named MARS. Live firing demonstrations will be performed for potential customers in the near future. The company SVOS spol. s r.o. belongs since its foundation in 1992 to the leading European producers of armoured cars, and is a successor of century lasting production of the military equipment in its region. The company provides various special armoured platforms for military, law enforcement and commercial users. As of now more than 4,500 armoured vehicles were delivered to the operators in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Saab’s MSHORAD (Mobile Short-Range Air Defence)

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