Woman claims to have spoken to the only survivor of the Roswell UFO crash


Even though this bizarre tale was published in 2008, few ufologists are aware of it.

It was related by Matilda McElroy, a knowledgeable and skilled woman who claimed to have seen alien bodies in Roswell and spoke telepathically with one of them.

A three-part documentary based on the diaries of military commander Jesse Marcel Sr., who oversaw the investigation into the puzzling Roswell event in July 1947, debuted on History Channel in December 2020.

The shards discovered in New Mexico “are simply not produced by human hands,” Marcel writes in his findings.

Following the success of this movie, the Roswell incident was brought to light once more, and some researchers “discovered” the previously unrevealed Roswell legend of the nurse who telepathically spoke with the lone alien survivor of a UFO crash.

The senior sergeant in the Women’s Army Medical Division was Matilda O’Donnell McElroy. In 2007, Matilda, who was 83 at the time, called ufologist Laurence Spencer to express her desire not to be taken to the grave.

To prevent the risk of disclosing the knowledge that I have so far tried to keep secret from society, many individuals have been killed. What I’ve been compelled to keep secret for the past 60 years has just now been revealed to a limited handful of people on the world.

“All these years, even though I’ve always suspected they were wrong, I’ve believed that the “powers that be” in our government have my best interests at heart. I’ve thought that their intention is to shield humanity from the knowledge that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms not only exist, but also continue to exist and aggressively control and invade any human life on Earth every day.

The woman said that she had nothing to lose and that this was the sole reason she had shared her story. In July 1947, Matilda claims to have driven a car carrying a specific military officer, Cavitt, to the location of an unnamed entity’s accident. Matilda claims that she was specifically sent to the scene as a qualified and experienced military nurse.

When Matilda and the officer arrived at the crash site in the desert of New Mexico, the woman found the remains of a strange ship along with the bodies of two aliens.

While the other was still alive and well, one of them was deceased.

When Matilda made an effort to speak with a live stranger, which she misunderstood for a telepathic attempt, she started gathering “mental glimpses” from extraterrestrial species.

Matilda was assigned to the alien to follow her and speak with her along with a full report of what the extraterrestrial would explain or show Matilda since Officer Cavitt was interested in following up on this contact.

The woman gained a promotion and an increase in pay as a consequence. During the “translation,” Matilda discovered that the last extraterrestrial was female and that her name was Airl (Airl).

“Our chat was not a routine, everyday one.” The alien’s anatomy was lacking a mouth, which would have allowed for communication. We telepathically exchanged messages. I initially had trouble understanding Airl. I could see thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but it was difficult for me to articulate them.

After learning English, Airl was able to describe her emotions more precisely and use analogies to help me understand them. For me, learning English has been quite helpful. In contrast to her, it was more for my advantage.

The alien informs Matilda that their trip to Earth was part of an expedition and that she had previously held positions as a navy commander, a pilot, and an architect. She explained that the Expeditionary Force, which is situated in the Asteroid Belt, serves as their command center.

Matilda characterized Airl as a humanoid creature with a body the size of a newborn when he was present.

However, it was a biorobot-avatar with plastic tissues whose body could house a higher-order entity, a genuine alien.

Matilda noticed that Airl didn’t tell her anything about her original language or where her home world was. She was ignorant of the motives of the army and would not provide any vital information to anyone.

This was taken seriously by the nurse, who noted that if aliens weren’t healthy on Earth, it may be a big issue for humans. Her culture was “very old,” “very strong,” and “all about change,” according to Airl.

When Matilda asked Airl how long she had been exploring Earth, Airl replied, “LONG BEFORE HUMAN APPEARANCE.”

Additionally, Matilda learned the following:

“The Earth is a small planet that orbits a star in our galaxy. As a result, the Earth is physically isolated from the celestial societies that are found closer to the galaxy’s core and are more densely inhabited. The Earth is only fit for use as a zoological or botanical park, or for current purposes, as a result of these clear realities. but not anymore as a jail.

The Earth started to be utilized as a garbage dump and jail for all alien species who had been classified as convicts or outcasts some 30,000 years ago. These monsters were taken from various regions of the Old Empire, contained electronically, and brought to Earth. The aquatic stations where these organisms have been (or are now) kept on Mars and Earth are in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), and the Mongolian Steppes.

Airl and Matilda had a number of conversations before the extraterrestrial “died,” or left her avatar form. Matilda’s tale was detailed in Spencer’s 2008 book Interview with Aliens.

For whatever reason, the book failed to surprise readers much, and Matilda’s account was never especially reliable.

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